All the pups aged 5 weeks old

Individual pics of the pups

3 dot

This is 3 dot(now named Maggie)

2 splodge tail

This is 2 splodge tail(chosen and now named Ruben)

3 slodge Cleo

This is 3 splodge
(Cleo chosen)

petty girl

This is pretty girl(chosen and now named Harriet)

Tash boy

This is Tash man (chosen and now named Max)

white tri boy

This is white tri boy(Chosen and now named Sawyer)

4 splodge maya

This is 4 splodge (Maya chosen)

coloured tri boy

This is coloured tri boy(chosen and now named Rommel)

paintboy white face

This is paint boy white face
(chosen and now named Jack)

paintboy dark face

This is paint boy dark face, a happy little chap with lots of character:-)
(chosen and now named Woody)