Gypsy/Jack 12th June 02

This was Gypsy and Jacks 1st litter, she was enormus but I was amazed she had 12 pups, all survived...she was a brilliant mum fed them in sixes..6 feeding 6 asleep :-)

We kept Rusty from this litter..Wenskip Classic Vision
We had Sky and Abi returned from their families, I rehomed Abi who went to live with a lovely family who then got another springer to keep her company.
Sky went to live with my parents but is sadly now at Rainbow bridge due to liver failiure caused we believe by taking Rimadyl Tablets for a cruiacte injury....
My father in law has Meg
Then theres Flash who lives in Norwich
Kate who also lives nr Norwich
Otis who moved to Canada with his family and Harvey one of Barley and Rustys pups

would love to hear updates from anyone who has a pup from this litter :-)